Who We Are

me 2You can hire someone to build a website or have someone sell you 5000 Twitter followers and for a moment you’ll have a tremendous sense of self-worth and professional credibility. But even though your ego is stroked, what you really want and deserve is a business making a lasting impact that makes a real difference for your bottom line. Whether your product is a great idea or a great big doughnut, your target market needs to feel your passion and know what drives you to work hard every day. This requires much more than someone who can build a website. Your business requires the visionary who can see what your business and organization requires to move to the next level—and beyond.

Day & Night Creative exists to develop the most effective overall strategy for your organization—a dynamic message without sacrificing curb appeal.

We are constantly hatching new visions for marketing success, always on top of the latest trends in social media including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ while seeking to be a creative visionary within the wider culture for businesses and organizations. Successful marketing is about knowing how to reach your target audience, and we have the know-how to help you make those connections.